IRDPSRAPIWindow interface

Represents a one-to-one mapping to a sharable window. A sharable window is usually a top-level window that does not have an owner. Sharing the content of a window can be enabled or disabled by setting the Shared property on the window object to TRUE or FALSE. Applications can use this window object to display a list of windows that can be shared.


The IRDPSRAPIWindow interface has these methods.

Method Description
IRDPSRAPIWindow::get_Application Returns a pointer to the application object that the window belongs to.
IRDPSRAPIWindow::get_Flags Returns the flags on the current window.
IRDPSRAPIWindow::get_Id Returns the ID of a window.
IRDPSRAPIWindow::get_Name Returns the name for the window object.
IRDPSRAPIWindow::get_Shared Gets or sets the sharing property for a window.
IRDPSRAPIWindow::put_Shared Gets or sets the sharing property for a window.
IRDPSRAPIWindow::Show Brings the current window to the foreground.


Windows version Windows Vista [desktop apps | UWP apps] Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Target Platform Windows
Header rdpencomapi.h

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