ISpatialAudioClient::GetMaxDynamicObjectCount method

Gets the maximum number of dynamic audio objects for the spatial audio client.


HRESULT GetMaxDynamicObjectCount(
  UINT32 *value



Gets the maximum dynamic object count for this client.

Return Value

If the method succeeds, it returns S_OK.


A dynamic ISpatialAudioObject is one that was activated by setting the type parameter to the ISpatialAudioObjectRenderStream::ActivateSpatialAudioObject method to AudioObjectType_Dynamic. The client has a limit of the maximum number of dynamic spatial audio objects that can be activated at one time. When the capacity of the audio rendering pipeline changes, the system will dynamically adjust the maximum number of concurrent dynamic spatial audio objects. Before doing so, the system will call OnAvailableDynamicObjectCountChange to notify clients of the resource limit change.

Call Release on an ISpatialAudioObject when it is no longer being used to free up the resource to create new dynamic spatial audio objects.

When Windows Sonic is not available (for instance, when playing to embedded laptop stereo speakers, or if the user has not explicitly enabled Windows Sonic on the device), the number of available dynamic objects returned by GetMaxDynamicObjectCount to an application will be 0.


Target Platform Windows
Header spatialaudioclient.h

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