WbemCimtypeEnum Enumeration

The WbemCimtypeEnum constants define the valid CIM types of a property value.

The WMI scripting type library, wbemdisp.tlb, defines these constants. Visual Basic applications can access this library; script languages must use the value of the constant directly, unless they use the Windows Script Host (WSH) XML file format. For more information, see Using the WMI Scripting Type Library.


typedef enum WbemCimtypeEnum {
  wbemCimtypeSint8      ,
  wbemCimtypeUint8      ,
  wbemCimtypeSint16     ,
  wbemCimtypeUint16     ,
  wbemCimtypeSint32     ,
  wbemCimtypeUint32     ,
  wbemCimtypeSint64     ,
  wbemCimtypeUint64     ,
  wbemCimtypeReal32     ,
  wbemCimtypeReal64     ,
  wbemCimtypeBoolean    ,
  wbemCimtypeString     ,
  wbemCimtypeDatetime   ,
  wbemCimtypeReference  ,
  wbemCimtypeChar16     ,
} ;


wbemCimtypeSint8 Signed 8-bit integer
wbemCimtypeUint8 Unsigned 8-bit integer
wbemCimtypeSint16 Signed 16-bit integer
wbemCimtypeUint16 Unsigned 16-bit integer
wbemCimtypeSint32 Signed 32-bit integer
wbemCimtypeUint32 Unsigned 32-bit integer
wbemCimtypeSint64 Signed 64-bit integer
wbemCimtypeUint64 Unsigned 64-bit integer
wbemCimtypeReal32 32-bit real number
wbemCimtypeReal64 64-bit real number
wbemCimtypeBoolean Boolean value
wbemCimtypeString String
wbemCimtypeDatetime Date/time value
wbemCimtypeReference Reference to a CIM object
wbemCimtypeChar16 16-bit character
wbemCimtypeObject CIM object


Windows version Windows Vista Windows Server 2008
Header wbemdisp.h

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