IWMPGraphCreation interface

The IWMPGraphCreation interface provides methods that Windows Media Player calls to enable you to manage the DirectShow filter graph. It can be implemented by an application that embeds the Windows Media Player control.

The Windows Media Player control retrieves a pointer to this interface by calling IServiceProvider::QueryService. When you implement IWMPGraphCreation, you must also implement IServiceProvider and return the correct pointer when QueryService is called with IID_IWMPGraphCreation as the value for the second parameter.

This interface is not supported when remoting the Windows Media Player control.


The IWMPGraphCreation interface has these methods.

Method Description
IWMPGraphCreation::GetGraphCreationFlags One of the flags documented on this page is available in Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media Player 11 running on Microsoft Windows XP. It might not be available in subsequent versions.
IWMPGraphCreation::GraphCreationPostRender The GraphCreationPostRender method is called by Windows Media Player after a file has been rendered.
IWMPGraphCreation::GraphCreationPreRender The GraphCreationPreRender method is called by Windows Media Player before a file is rendered.


Target Platform Windows
Header wmpservices.h

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