IMAPI Interfaces

The following tables identify and briefly describe the interfaces used C/C++ developers and the associated scripting object. Prefix the object name in the table with "IMAPI2." to fully qualify the object name when creating the object in script.

The following table lists the interfaces associated with devices, the burn engine, and the format writers and eraser.

Interface Object
Low-level burn engine. MsftWriteEngine2
Main image writer. MsftDiscFormat2Data
Disc eraser. MsftDiscFormat2Erase
Raw image writer. MsftDiscFormat2RawCD
Track-At-Once image writer. MsftDiscFormat2TrackAtOnce
Enumeration of disc devices in the system hardware list. MsftDiscMaster2
Notification delegate for the MsftDiscMaster2 object. DDiscMaster2Events
Individual recording device. MsftDiscRecorder2
Device writing attributes, including the media type, writing speed, and type of angular velocity control. MsftWriteSpeedDescriptor


The following table lists the file system interfaces.

Interface Object
Boot image stream and properties for integrating the bootable image in the disc image. BootOptions
File system image and properties. This object includes all tracks, and references to the boot image and result image. CFileSystemImage
Container of the data stream provided by the file system object. FileSystemImageResult
Directory item in the file system image. FsiDirectoryItem
File item in the file system image. FsiFileItem
Interface containing properties common to both file and directory items. FsiItem
RAW CD image creation. MsftRawCDImageCreator
Stream object helper object to concatenate multiple streams. MsftStreamConcatenate
Interleaved stream to add to the disc image. MsftStreamInterleave
Pseudo-random generated stream. MsftStreamPrgn001
The MsftStreamZero scripting object is not implemented as an interface. MsftStreamZero


The following table lists helper interfaces.

Interface Object
Collection of sector ranges within a file system image. No corresponding object
Burn verification support. No corresponding object
Enumerator of FsiItems for C/C++ applications. EnumFsiItems
Enumerator of ProgressItems for C/C++ applications. EnumProgressItems
.iso image verification support. No corresponding object
Multiple session support. No corresponding object
Sequential multiple session support. MsftMultisessionSequential
File name and associated blocks in the result image. ProgressItem
Result image listing, broken down by file name and associated blocks. ProgressItems