Windows 7 software logo program

[Some information relates to pre-released product which may be substantially modified before it's commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here.]

The "Compatible with Windows 7 logo" helps customers make better purchase decisions by identifying products that have passed Microsoft designed tests for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7. The logo provides the ultimate seal of approval to help you deliver compatible products to customers and businesses with a higher quality bar that is broadly recognized.

  1. Review the Requirements. The Windows 7 logo requirements are based on extensive analysis of error reports, input from domain experts, and feedback from Microsoft OEMs and partners. Find out what is tested and the eligibility criteria for apps.
  2. Download the Windows App Certification Kit. The App Certification Kit (part of the Windows SDK) targets specific, commonly identified app issues to help partners deliver a product that is compatible and reliable on Windows 7. Test your app and determine if it meets the logo requirements.
  3. Submit your results to get the logo. Once your app has passed the test, submit the passing results by uploading the .xml result report. (Logo submission is free with an established SysDev account and code signing certificate) After you receive confirmation that your app has passed, sign the license agreement and you will be eligible for all of the available benefits.

Program benefits

  • Product promotion
    • Your app will have the opportunity to be highlighted in campaign efforts and be given press release support.
  • Logo artwork & marketing guides
    • Logo artwork is provided for you to include on your packaged product and websites to help communicate to your customers that they can be confident the product will be compatible and run reliably on Windows 7.
  • Windows Error Reporting
    • Once in market, access to Windows built-in error reporting (WER) enables you to monitor issues being experienced by your customers and respond proactively.

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