Attributes with Multiple Values

Some of the predefined attributes can have multiple values assigned to them. For example, Artist is an attribute that can have multiple values. You can call IWMHeaderInfo3::AddAttribute multiple times to add as many Artist values as you require. If you make multiple calls to AddAttribute for attributes that do not support multiple values, the method may return an error code, or simply ignore your request.

The following table lists the attributes that support multiple values. Some attributes can have multiple values only in ASF files, while others can have multiple values in both ASF and MP3 files.

Attribute Support for multiple values
Author ASF, MP3
WM/AlbumArtist ASF
WM/AlbumCoverURL ASF
WM/Category ASF
WM/Composer ASF, MP3
WM/Conductor ASF
WM/Director ASF
WM/Genre ASF
WM/Language ASF, MP3
WM/Lyrics_Synchronised ASF, MP3
WM/Mood ASF, MP3
WM/Picture ASF, MP3
WM/Producer ASF
WM/PromotionURL ASF
WM/Writer ASF, MP3