Community helper guide

The Vote to Suspend feature is available, exclusively to AltspaceVR’s Community Helpers. It's a moderation tool to help keep AltspaceVR welcoming, safe, and mature. Vote-to-Suspend allows Community Helpers to flag anyone who is in violation of our Community Guidelines. Below are the official rules and responsibilities associated with the Vote-to-Suspend ability.

Vote-to-Suspend Rules & Responsibilities:


  • Suspension is only permitted if a user is in violation of AltspaceVR's Community Guidelines. No other reasons. No exceptions.
  • Underaged users must explicitly identify themselves as being under 13 years of age before you can vote to suspend them.
  • All votes are logged and tracked in our system.
  • You must be willing and able to explain your reasoning for voting to a ban user, if asked to elaborate.


  • Get help from the CST in the Campfire if you meet someone who is particularly difficult and you're unsure about how best to continue.
  • If you meet someone who might require immediate suspension, seek help from the CST in the Campfire.
  • New people may not always know what's right and wrong, so please be patient and kind. Remember to always set the example for what being a good AltspaceVR citizen means.
  • Help answer questions to the best of your abilities. If you're unsure about an answer that's ok.
  • Anyone with a technical issue or in need of troubleshooting should be encouraged to open a ticket with our support team:


  • You can toggle your Community Helper badge on/off. When you toggle your badge "off", you'll also toggle "off" your Vote-to-Suspend ability.
  • The Vote-to-Suspend feature is a pilot program and no guarantees are made to ensure future abilities.