Community helper program

What is a Community Helper?

Community Helpers are regular AltspaceVR members who volunteer their time to share information, teach others, and serve as community ambassadors. They're familiar with the various aspects of AltspaceVR—such as event-hosting or world-building—and they exemplify and uphold our Community Standards and Terms of Service. Although Community Helpers aren't staff or admins of AltspaceVR, they're a great group of individuals who are committed to welcoming new people, teaching others about AltspaceVR's culture, and making AltspaceVR a welcoming place for all.

How do I find a Community Helper?

Community Helpers are everywhere in AltspaceVR. You can identify them by hovering over an avatar and looking at their name tag. Community Helpers’ name tags have a green outline and a green heart badge. Because they're volunteer ambassadors, Community Helpers can toggle their badge ON/OFF anytime to enjoy AltspaceVR as regular Altspacers too!

How can I become a Community Helper?


All Community Helpers must be a part of AltspaceVR for at least three months (90 days) before applying for the Community Helper role. To apply to be a Community Helper, you must meet a minimum of two out of three qualifications:

  1. You’ve hosted at least three Main Events in the past one month (30 days).
  2. You’ve moderated at least five Main Events in the past three months (90 days).
  3. You’ve been recommended by a Community Support Team member for your awesome contributions to AltspaceVR (culture, content, community, and so on)

What would I be expected to do as a Community Helper?

As a Community Helper you MUST meet or exceed these expectations:

  1. Follow and champion our Community Standards and Terms of Service.
  2. Champion and exemplify behavior that makes AltspaceVR welcoming, safe, and mature.
  3. Serve as a liaison between the community and the AltspaceVR team:
    • Teach others, be helpful where possible, answer questions from curious Altspacers in-world
    • Chime in with helpful and kind responses on our Official Discord server or on social media
    • Direct people to appropriate communication channels like or
    • Communicate and collaborate with AltspaceVR staff in a positive and helpful manner
  4. Commit to positively champion AltspaceVR in all your interactions online, in-world, and in real life.
  5. Participate in the AltspaceVR community:
    • Attend events, spend time in Commons Hubs & Worlds
    • Regularly host and moderate Main Events
    • Participate in a helpful and positive way on our Official Discord server
    • Build Worlds, create with the MRE, and so on.

Do I get special privileges as a Community Helper?

Yes… our undying love and appreciation. Also:

  1. Vote-to-Suspend: As a Community Helper, you have extra safety tools to take action against trolls and those in violation of our Community Standards. Review the Rules & Responsibilities for Vote-to-Suspend, here.
  2. Access to a special Community Helpers channel in the Official AltspaceVR Discord server.
  3. Early access to certain community announcements.

Other Considerations

AltspaceVR reserves the right to revoke Community Helper badges in cases of failure to meet eligibility requirements, failure to maintain expectations, prolonged absence from AltspaceVR, for reasons of program capacity, violations of our Community Standards and Terms of Service, and any reasons not listed but considered valid.

If you were a Community Helper and you lost or otherwise gave up your badge, you must wait a minimum of six months (180 days) before you reapply for the program.

Ready to apply? Great! Please APPLY HERE.