Filing an abuse report

In AltspaceVR your comfort and safety are a top priority. We don't condone any acts or behaviors that are offensive, derogatory, or inappropriate. Filing an abuse report allows you to let our Moderation Team know about any users or content that is in violation of our Community Standards or Terms of Service.

Take a moment to review our Community Standards and Terms of Service, to determine if the individual's actions are violating our expectation of user behavior. If you feel it does warrant our attention, file an Abuse Report. Make sure to provide a detailed account of your experience, an accurate spelling of any relevant Display Names and Usernames, and specification of when the instance of abuse took place.

We'll follow up where appropriate, and take the necessary actions to maintain AltspaceVR as a place where people feel safe and are free to communicate with others. As part of our privacy policy, we won't inform you about our decisions or the status of any individual's account.

In-App Safety Features

Remember that in addition to the Abuse Report, there are several in-app safety tools designed to give you control over your experience.

At any time, you can Block and Mute any user that you don't wish to interact with. Open a user's Name Tag by clicking on their avatar. Here you'll find several buttons including Mute and Block. You'll no longer hear the audio for any user you mute. Blocked users will no longer be seen or heard, and can no longer see or hear you.

If you're experiencing issues with other users getting too close to your Avatar, you can activate your Personal Space Bubble. Your Personal Space Bubble causes others to become invisible if they get too close to you.