Finding the AltspaceVR app version

In the course of troubleshooting an issue, you may be asked what version of the AltspaceVR app you're currently running.

In AltspaceVR

To find the app version in AltspaceVR, navigate to the settings menu and select About in the left navigation bar. The 'App Version' is reported here, as shown in the screenshot below.

Settings menu open with about panel open

In Windows System Settings

If you installed AltspaceVR via the Microsoft Store, you can additionally find the app version in the Windows system settings. This scenario is a good fit when reporting the app version if you're unable to successfully log into the client.

To find the app version in Windows system settings, open the Start Menu, type in Apps & Features, and select the result. Navigate to AltspaceVR in the list of apps. Left-click AltspaceVR and select Advanced Options from the menu that appears.

Apps and features menu open with advanced option highlighted

In the Advanced Options, under the Specifications header, the App Version should be listed to the right of the Version label.

Advanced options open with app version highlighted

In Client Logs

AltspaceVR reports the app version in the client logs file as "Altspace Version" during application startup. This would be a good option to get the app version if you can't successfully log into the client, but it did attempt to start before failing.


On Windows, the client logs file can be found via Windows Explorer at:


This file is overwritten each time you launch AltspaceVR. 'Player.log' represents your latest session, and 'Player-prev.log' represents the previous session.

Via PowerShell

Advanced users can search the client logs for this string via PowerShell as follows:


gc $env:userprofile\appdata\locallow\altspacevr\altspacevr\Player.log | ? { $_ -match "Altspace Version" }


[2.047] AltspaceVR Version: 3.2.23.e66c2