What are FrontRow events?

Front Row Events allow any number of audience members to attend our most exciting and interesting events. Whether it's stand up comedy or a musical concert, we want everyone to be able to attend and enjoy these events without having to wait in any lines.

Our Front Row technology allows the performer to be On-Air across as many instances of the VR venue as are needed to support the number of interested attendants of that particular event.

My friends are in a different instance of the event than me, how can I join them?

Once one of your friends has joined a Front Row event, you can enter their instance of the event by using the arrow next to their name in your friend's list. If their instance is full, you can drop them a message inviting them to join you in your instance.

Can the performer see me?

The talent on stage is viewing the audience populating a single instance of the Front Row Event, though they can see the emojis that users generate across all instances of the event.

When a user selects their "Raise Hand" button, the event hosts can activate On-Air for that person by using our Host Tools. At that point the audience member can be seen and heard across all the instances just like the performers. This allows users to participate in the show and interact with the talent during Q&A sessions whatever room they're in!