Exploring AltspaceVR

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AltspaceVR is a leading social platform for virtual reality. Focused on events ranging in scale from arena-sized concerts to specialty meet ups, AltspaceVR uses technology to help you scale your human connection.

Whether you're a seasoned AltspaceVR veteran or a new user, it's important to have solid resources that you can count on. We've compiled the following checkpoints to walk you through bringing your virtual events to the world. You can cover them sequentially, which is what we recommend, or jump around at will if you know what you're looking for. Either way, you'll want to revisit this journey whenever you need direction.

1. Getting started

Before you start creating and hosting your own virtual events, you'll need the right tools and accounts. By the end of this section, you'll have your system properly configured and ready to go!

Checkpoint Outcome
System requirements Make sure you have the right tools and system requirements to get started
Install Windows Mixed Reality or Oculus Quest Download and install the latest Windows Mixed Reality or Oculus Quest apps
Create and Link an AltspaceVR account Create and register for an account right inside the AltspaceVR app and link it to your Microsoft Account

2. Getting comfortable

Since AltspaceVR events take place in the virtual world, you need to get comfortable navigating virtual space. By the end of this section, you'll be confidently moving around, controlling avatars, and using keyboard shortcuts.

Checkpoint Outcome
Learn the Windows Mixed Reality or Oculus Quest input controls Get comfortable with virtual controls in Windows Mixed Reality and Oculus Quest
Control your avatars Learn about the different control schemes for controlling your virtual avatars
Helpful keyboard shortcuts Stay up-to-date with the latest keyboard shortcuts

3. For guests & audiences

You don't always have to be a host in AltspaceVR - sometimes you'll be a guest an audience member. For these occasions, you'll want to be familiar with the features and menus that come with the new territory.

Checkpoint Outcome
Exploring the Title Screen Navigate the AltspaceVR platform from the Title Screen to login, enter an event, or customize your avatar
Social features & nametags Learn how nametags and social features work within AltspaceVR

4. Creating & hosting events

Now you've covered the logistics, it's time to learn how to create and host events. AltspaceVR has different features for this process, but we've separated them into the basics, more advanced options, and hosting-specific tools. Whether you go through these sequentially, or jump around, you'll be confidently creating your own events by the end of this section.

Basic event setup

Checkpoint Outcome
Understand roles Learn about the different roles available for AltspaceVR events
Set up an event Get comfortable with terminology, branding, multimedia console, and more event creation features
Exploring the group features Understand how to manually add and configure your virtual event guest list
Scaling your audiences Mirror your entire event across multiple instances and increase your audience size
Sharing media with Multimedia Console and Web Projector Learn how to stream a designated browser tab from your desktop PC directly into AltspaceVR

Advanced event setup

Checkpoint Outcome
Get started with the World Editor Learn how to spawn, manipulate, and place objects and elements to construct a world
Create your own content Get started creating and sharing VR content in AltspaceVR
Using teleporters to create Breakout Rooms Let your users explore and travel from one event and world to another
Importing 3D models (glTF) Learn how to upload .glb files to create models in the World Editor
Improving world performance Get diagnostics, performance tools, and troubleshooting tips for performance
Importing custom skyboxes Create and import your own custom skyboxes to make your virtual spaces more immersive

Hosting tools

Checkpoint Outcome
Get comfortable with hosting tools Understand the different set of tools you have as an event host
Maximizing event visibility Get the most out of your events by making them more visible and marketable
Host tools for FrontRow events Give hosting permissions to any of your users within your virtual events

5. Troubleshooting

If you're having any trouble with creating events, audio, the AltspaceVR application, or you just want to contact us, use the troubleshooting sections below.

6. Community & resources

AltspaceVR is a community, and we'd love to have you join. Take a minute to review our community standards, terms of service, privacy policy, and subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest news.