Importing glTF models


This feature is available for select users in the Early Access program at this time.

One way to bring 3D models and scenes into Altspace is using the glTF standard. You can upload a .glb file (packed glTF) to create a Model that you can later spawn in the World Editor. It's an alternative to uploading your own Kits. We recommend creating Models for quick demonstrations because you won't need to use Unity, and Kits when you want to maximize performance and reusability.

  1. Find some glTF 3D assets. One place to search is Sketchfab (try filtering for Downloadable models like this). Once you find it, select Download 3D Model:

3D dog model from Sketchfab

  1. Copy the link to the model and read the licensing requirements.
  2. Download the Autoconverted Format (glTF) version

Sketchfab download options with auto converted format highlighted

  1. Open the GLB Packer site and check the box Convert PNG to JPEG (beta)
  2. Uncompress the glTF files you downloaded and drag them all at once into the GLB Packer browser tab

Window showing model uncompression

  1. Depending on the number and size of the files, it may take a while to process. When processing is done, an out.glb file will be downloaded. Rename that file to something informative--this will be the name of the object in the world (e.g Low Poly Wolf.glb)
  2. Navigate to > More > Models and select Create
  3. Specify the location of the .glb file and make sure you copy the Sketchfab link into the description for attribution. You can specify a preview image if you want, then select Create Model:

Model preview in AltspaceVR

  1. Select Copy to Clipboard
  2. Open the World Editor > Altspace > Basics > GLTF
  3. Paste in your url and select Confirm

Congrats! You just spawned your first Model.


When I clicked Confirm nothing happened * We currently have a 100k polygon limit. If it fails, delete the Object to avoid potential problems with users joining your World * There may be other problems with the asset. Try to use assets with as few polygons as possible. * The model you're bringing in may be small or large. Try increasing/decreasing the Scale or move your avatar around, you might be standing inside the model!

It's slow to load How quickly other users in the World load it will depend on their connection speeds. It's also not cached like Kit assets. If you place one in your Home, you'll end up redownloading the same Model every time you join, which isn't great.

There's no collision By default there's no collision on the objects that are brought in this way

When I spawn it, I lose my controls on six DOF or I'm inside so it's hard to manipulate it Yes, we're aware of these issues and hope to address them soon.