Creating your first AltspaceVR world

Welcome, World-Builder!

This guide will help you create and share your first Altspace World!


  1. Sign up (for free, if you haven't already) for your AltspaceVR account and complete the tutorial in the AltspaceVR app.
  2. Open your Menu and navigate to Worlds > My Worlds:

My worlds open in the AltspaceVR menu

  1. Join the first World (Surprise! We've pre-created one for you):

First default world created

  1. Use the World Editor to make a label:

Congratulations! You've created your first Altspace World, your own multiplayer social VR experience! Play around with the World Editor, starting with Kits that contain objects you can place and manipulate.


  1. Go to the Campfire (or wherever the people you want to share with are)
  2. Open your Menu, find your World again, and select Info:

My worlds open in the AltspaceVR menu with info button highlighted

  1. Select Portal to spawn a portal:

My worlds info with portal button highlighted New portal with avatar

  1. Wait for people to use the portal to join your party and when you're ready, select the portal again to take your party to your World:

New party running in the VR world

  1. Let the party begin! Your friends will see your World changes as you build so dazzle them with your creativity.

You should be world-building in minutes; however, if you do run into issues check out these resources:

Finally, join our Early Access Program (free) and submit your World to be Featured when you're ready. We're excited to see what you will make!