A button lets your users trigger immediate actions in a mixed reality experience. In HoloLens 2, buttons have visual cues and affordances that help increase interaction confidence with users.

Button with proximity light effect shown
Proximity light

Button selected with focus highlight effect shown
Focus highlight

Button being pressed with compression cage effect shown
Compressing cage

Button being pressed with trigger pulse effect shown
Pulse on trigger

Button in MRTK(Mixed Reality Toolkit) for Unity

MRTK provides various types of button prefabs, including shell-style buttons for HoloLens 2 and HoloLens (1st gen). The HoloLens 2 button prefab contains several detailed affordances that help improve user confidence:

  • Proximity-based highlight

  • Compressing front cage

  • Pulse effect on trigger.

  • Check out the MRTK - Button for more instructions and customized examples.

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