Install Windows Mixed Reality software

Launch Mixed Reality Portal

After you plug in your Windows Mixed Reality headset and the driver installs successfully, the Mixed Reality Portal (MRP) will automatically launch on your Desktop. If this does not happen automatically, you can always launch Mixed Reality portal from the Start menu (Start > Mixed Reality Portal). Once the portal has launched, click Get Started

Welcome to Mixed Reality

Download Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality is approximately 1GB in size, and your download times will vary depending on your internet connection. If you hit a message that says "We couldn't download the Mixed Reality software", please view the troubleshooting steps.

Review and Accept Terms and Conditions

To continue with setup you must have 2GB of free space on your PC. Review and press I Agree to the terms and conditions to continue

Accept Terms and Conditions

Compatibility check

Next up is the compatible check. MRP will check to confirm that your PC is compatible with mixed reality. Green checks mean your PC passed the required item! Orange triangles mean that there may be issues with your PC for the given requirement. If you encounter issues, you may need to troubleshoot or upgrade your PC. Red X's mean your PC does not meet the requirements for the specified item.

Compat check

Getting ready

You will see a "Getting ready to set you up" message on your screen with a spinning icon. This should only take a few moments:

Getting ready to set you up

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