Learn Mixed Reality

Running the learning experience for the first time?

After finishing setup, the Mixed Reality Portal app should launch an immersive experience in your HMD called Learn Mixed Reality that will teach you how to use Windows Mixed Reality. Gaze at the gem in the loading screen to get started. You should hear Cortana's voice in your headset giving you instructions on what to do next.

Learn Mixed Reality

How do I re-run the learning experience?

Learn Mixed Reality is an app. The app can be launched from the Start menu inside of your mixed reality home at any time. Using your Motion controllers or keyboard:

Using your motion controllers

  1. Press the Windows button on your controller
  2. Select "All apps"
  3. Select "Learn Mixed Reality"
  4. Place the app in your home to launch the app

Using your mouse & keyboard

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard
  2. Select "All apps"
  3. Select "Learn Mixed Reality"
  4. Left-click with your mouse to place the app in your home and launch the app

How do I use voice commands and Cortana inside of the Windows Mixed Reality home?

Learn the voice commands you can use in the Windows Mixed Reality home

How can I show a preview of what I'm seeing in my headset on my desktop's screen?

Just press the Play icon at the bottom of the Mixed Reality Portal app.

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