Start your VR journey

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Setup & usability checkpoints

Use the following checkpoints to set up, configure, and use your immersive VR devices to bring your applications and games to life.

1. Before you buy

Your PC needs to handle the VR hardware you’re buying to have the best setup and usage experience. In some cases, you may need to order extra adapters or hardware. This section will walk you through:

  • The minimum PC requirements
  • Compatibility checks
  • Frequently asked questions associated with virtual reality hardware

Checkpoint Outcome
Before you start Make sure you have everything you need to start your VR journey
Minimum PC hardware guidelines Everything you need to know about running Windows Mixed Reality, Windows Mixed Reality Ultra, and the Windows Mixed Reality Portal app
Get help with PC compatibility Understand the generated report from the Windows Mixed Reality PC check
Buying FAQs Get answers to all your buying questions about technical specifications, devices, and controllers

2. Getting started

Once you have your device, you'll need to correctly set up and configure it for use. By the end of this section you'll have all the software requirements installed and be ready to start using Windows Mixed Reality.

Checkpoint Outcome
Set up Windows Mixed Reality Get comfortable with your controllers, room boundaries, speech input, and Microsoft Edge on your new VR device
Windows Mixed Reality setup FAQs Get answers and troubleshooting help with known issues when setting up Windows Mixed Reality
Health, safety, and comfort guidelines Recommendations to stay safe while using Windows Mixed Reality before using your headset

3. Using Windows Mixed Reality

There are different features and services available through Windows Mixed Reality and immersive VR headsets. By the end of this section, you'll be comfortable:

  • Navigating the virtual home environment
  • Using controllers and speech as inputs
  • Integrating services and applications like SteamVR and WebVR.

Checkpoint Feature
Learn Mixed Reality Learn how to use your gaze, voice, controllers, and keyboard/mouse inputs
Navigate the Windows Mixed Reality home Explore the virtual environment of the Windows Mixed Reality home
Using controllers Setup, understand, and use your motion controllers
Using speech input Familiarize yourself with different voice commands that can interact with 3D objects, the App bar, Start menu, and Cortana


If you're having trouble with any of the above features, check out the Using Windows Mixed Reality FAQ.

4. Discover apps and content

Find immersive games, desktop applications, and VR content in the resources below.

Checkpoint Feature
Games, 360 video, and apps Get started with your first immersive game, 2D store slates, desktop applications, and WebVR experiences
Using SteamVR Connect your device and play SteamVR games and learn about the Windows Insider Program
Using Microsoft Edge Install the latest version of Microsoft Edge on your immersive device
Using WebVR Get setup to experience VR in your browser environment
Explore AltspaceVR Explore the expanding world of VR events with AltspaceVR

Troubleshooting, tips & resources

When you run into trouble with anything relating to your immersive hardware, start with:

If you don't find what you're looking for there, we have an exhaustive list of topic-specific FAQ documents in the Troubleshooting FAQ's section that cover everything from installation and error codes all the way to performance and headset displays. You can find out more about how specific features work in the articles on how motion controllers and inside-out tracking works.

We're always on the lookout for new issues and bugs, so if you run into any that are undocumented send us feedback.


A full Windows Mixed Reality release history is available here.