Mixed reality capture

HoloLens gives users the experience of mixing the real world with the digital world. Mixed reality capture (MRC) let you save that experience as either a photograph or a video. This lets you share the experience with others by allowing them to see the holograms as you see them. Such videos and photos are from a first-person point of view. For a third-person point of view, use spectator view.

Use cases for mixed reality capture go beyond sharing videos amongst a social circle. Videos can be used to instruct others on how to use an app. Developers can use videos or stills to improve repro steps and debug app experiences.

Taking mixed reality captures

There are four ways to initiate a mixed reality capture:

  1. Cortana can be used at all times regardless of the app currently running. Just say, "Hey Cortana, take a picture" or "Hey Cortana, start recording." To stop a video, say "Hey Cortana, stop recording."
  2. On the Start Menu, select either Photo or Video. Use air-tap to begin the capture. When finished, bloom to exit the MRC mode.
  3. From the Windows Device Portal, a user can initiate a mixed reality capture.
  4. Press both the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously to take a picture, regardless of the app currently running.

Click the camera icon at the bottom of the start menu

Click the camera icon at the bottom of the start menu

The system will throttle the render rate to 30Hz. This creates some headroom for MRC to run so the app doesn’t need to keep a constant budget reserve and also matches the MRC video record framerate of 30fps. Note, videos have a maximum length of five minutes.

The system only supports a single MRC operation at a time (taking a picture is mutually exclusive from recording a video).

File formats

Mixed reality captures from Cortana voice commands and Start Menu tools create files in the following formats:

Type Format Extension Resolution Audio
Photo JPEG .jpg 1408x792px N/A
Video MPEG-4 .mp4 1408x792px 48kHz Stereo

Viewing mixed reality captures

Mixed reality capture photos and videos are saved to the device's Camera Roll folder. These can be accessed via the Photos app or the Windows Device Portal. You can use the Photos app to sync your photos and videos to OneDrive.

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