Graphics Tools overview — MRTK3

Graphics Tools is a Unity package that is designed for independent use or with other packages inside the Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK). Many developers use Graphics Tools on its own, but also inadvertently when pulled in as a dependency to another MRTK package.

The package contains functionality that falls under three categories: editor, runtime, and samples. The following sections explain each category.


Everything within the editor directory contains functionality that helps developers at edit time. Examples are custom inspectors, shader GUIs, property drawers, or even shaders that only render in the Unity Editor.


The runtime directory contains most of the package's functionality and includes all code and content that can be compiled into a player build. This directory is broken into coarse feature areas and asset folders for commonly used shaders, textures, and models.


The editor and runtime directories contain their own assembly definitions. The editor assembly definition references the runtime assembly definition but not vice versa.


Samples exist under the Samples~ directory as outlined by Unity's sample recommendations. The '~' character prevents the Samples~ folder for being imported by Unity. This is ideal when including the package via the package manager.

Samples should be used to gleam example usage and not used directly in production. Sample code and content do not follow semantic versioning and are subject to breaking changes.


Each sample is independent and doesn't share content with other samples. The means content duplication between samples may exist.

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