Windows speech package — MRTK3

The Windows Speech package adds WindowsPhraseRecognitionSubsystem to your project, which offers phrase recognition capabilities on Windows and UWP platforms. As a MRTK PhraseRecognitionSubsystem, the subsystem can work with SpeechInteractor to trigger select events on StatefulInteractables based on the settings of the interactables. You can also register arbitrary UnityActions to a keyword of your choice so that the action will be invoked when such word is said.

For general information on PhraseRecognitionSubsystem in MRTK, refer to the documentation.


As the name suggests, WindowsPhraseRecognitionSubsystem only works on the Windows standalone and UWP platforms.

Setup and Usage

Please refer to the Setup and Using PhraseRecognitionSubsystem sections of the PhraseRecognitionSubsystem article. Note that for WindowsPhraseRecognitionSubsystem, a configuration asset is not needed; the only capability needed in player settings is "microphone".