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Mixed Reality Toolkit

The Mixed Reality Toolkit is a collection of scripts and components intended to accelerate development of applications targeting Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The project is aimed at reducing barriers to entry to create mixed reality applications and contribute back to the community as we all grow.

Mixed Reality Toolkit - Unity (MRTK)

Mixed Reality Toolkit - Unity uses code from the base Mixed Reality Toolkit and makes it easier to consume in Unity.

Mixed Reality Companion Kit

This is a Mixed Reality Toolkit-style repository for code bits and components that may not run directly on Microsoft HoloLens or immersive headsets but instead pair with them to build experiences targeting Windows Mixed Reality.

Windows Device Portal Wrapper

A client library that wraps the Windows Device Portal REST APIs.

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Mixed Reality Design Labs (MRDL)

The Mixed Reality Design Labs (MRDL) is a collection of well-documented, open-source samples, based on the foundation of Mixed Reality Toolkit - Unity (MRTK). The goal is to inspire creators and help them build compelling, efficient Mixed Reality experiences.

MRTK offers building-block components, and MRDL leverages them to offer more complete experiences and samples. As the name suggests, these samples are experimental/’works-in-progress’, driven by experience design, which provide creators with concrete examples of best practices for app experiences, UX, and MRTK implementation. By ‘experimental’, we mean MRDL is not officially supported/maintained by Microsoft (e.g. updated to latest versions of Unity), whereas MRTK is officially supported/maintained.

Sample apps

Galaxy Explorer sample app

Galaxy Explorer

The Galaxy Explorer Project is ready. You shared your ideas with the community, chose an app, watched a team build it, and can now get the source code.

Periodic Table of the Elements sample app

Periodic Table of the Elements

Learn how to lay out an array of objects in 3D space with various surface types using an Object collection.

Lunar Module sample app

Lunar Module

Learn how to extend HoloLens base gestures with two-handed tracking and Xbox controller input.