Saving and finding your files

Files can be saved in one of three places: within an app, in a special known folder (such as the video or music library), or in a service (such as OneDrive).

Files within an app

If an application saves files on your device, you can use that application to access them.

Where are my photos/videos?

Mixed reality capture photos and videos are saved to the device's Camera Roll folder. These can be accessed via the Photos app. You can use the Photos app to sync your photos and videos to OneDrive. You can also access your photos and videos via the Mixed Reality Capture page of the Windows Device Portal.

Requesting files from another app

An application can request to save a file or open a file from another app via file pickers.

Known Folders

HoloLens supports a number of known folders that apps can request permission to access.

Files in a Service

To save file to or access files from a service, the app associated with the service has to be installed. In order to save files to and access files from OneDrive, you will need to install the OneDrive app.


  • HoloLens does not support connecting to external hard drives or SD cards.
  • Unlike Windows on a PC or phone, HoloLens does not have a File Explorer application.
  • HoloLens does not support switching between file pickers. Only the first file picker installed will be available.