Spectator View for HoloLens and HoloLens 2



When wearing a HoloLens, we often forget that a person who does not have it on is unable to experience the wonders that we can. Spectator View allows others to see on a 2D screen what a HoloLens user sees in their world. Spectator View offers a fast and affordable approach to recording holograms in HD with mobile devices. It also offers a professional quality recording of holograms with video cameras.

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Use Cases

  • You can record a mixed reality experience using an iPhone or Android device. Record in full HD and apply anti-aliasing to holograms and even shadows. It is a cost-effective and quick way to capture video of holograms.
  • Stream live mixed reality experiences to an Apple TV directly from your iPhone or iPad, lag-free!
  • Share the experience with guests: Let non-HoloLens users experience holograms directly from their phones or tablets.

Current Features

  • Spatial synchronization of Holograms, so everyone sees holograms in the exact same place.
  • iOS (ARKit-enabled devices) and Android (ARCore-enabled devices) support. Multiple iOS guests. Recording of video + holograms + ambient sound + hologram sound. Share sheet so you can save video, email it, or share with other supporting apps.

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The following table shows different Spectator View functionality and their capabilities. Choose the option that best fits your video recording needs:

Mobile Video Camera
HD quality Full HD Professional quality filming (as determined by video camera)
Easy camera movement
Third-person view
Can be streamed to screens
Additional required hardware Android phone, iPhone HoloLens + Rig + Tripod + Video Camera + PC + Unity
Hardware investment Low High
Cross-platform Android, iOS
Synchronized content
Runtime setup duration Instant Slow

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