Unity Play Mode

A fast way to work on your Unity project is to use "Play Mode". This runs your app locally in the Unity editor on your PC. Unity uses Holographic Remoting to provide a fast way to preview your content on a real HoloLens device. Play Mode can also be used with a Windows Mixed Reality headset attached to your development PC.

Unity Play Mode with Holographic Remoting

With Holographic Remoting, you can experience your app on the HoloLens, while it runs in the Unity editor on your PC. Gaze, gesture, voice, and spatial mapping input is sent from your HoloLens to your PC. Rendered frames are then sent back to your HoloLens. This is a great way to quickly debug your app without building and deploying a full project.

  1. On your HoloLens, go to the Microsoft Store and install the Holographic Remoting Player app.
  2. On your HoloLens, start the Holographic Remoting Player app.
  3. In Unity, go to the Window menu and select Holographic Emulation.
  4. Set Emulation Mode to Remote to Device.
  5. For Remote Machine, enter the IP address of your HoloLens.
  6. Click Connect. You should see Connection Status change to Connected and see the screen go blank in the HoloLens.
  7. Click the Play button to start Play Mode and experience the app on your HoloLens.

Holographic Remoting requires a fast PC and Wi-Fi connection. See Holographic Remoting Player for full details.

For best results, make sure your app properly sets the focus point. This helps Holographic Remoting to best adapt your scene to the latency of your wireless connection.

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