MSIX Packaging Tool

The MSIX Packaging Tool enables you to repackage your existing Win32 applications to the MSIX format. It offers both an interactive GUI and a command line for conversions, and gives you the ability to convert an application without having the source code. We want to enable IT Pros to convert their existing assets to MSIX, to give them a better way to do packaging and app management.

MSIX Packaging Tool is now available to from the Microsoft Store. You can run your desktop installers through this tool and obtain an MSIX package that you can install on your machine.


  • Windows 10, version 1809 (or later)
  • Participation in the Windows Insider Program (if you're using an Insider build)
  • A valid Microsoft account (MSA) alias to access the app from the Microsoft Store
  • Admin privileges on your PC account


To install the MSIX Packaging Tool from the Microsoft Store, go here, making sure you are logged in with the MSA that is used for your Windows Insider Program. Next, go to the product description page and click the Install icon to begin the installation.


Here is what you can expect to be able to do with this tool:

  • Package your favorite application(msi, exe, App-V 5.x and to MSIX format by launching the tool and selecting the Application package icon.
  • Create a modification package for a newly created Application MSIX Package by launching the tool and selecting the Modification package icon.
  • Open your MSIX package to view and edit its content/properties by navigating to the Open package editor tab, browsing to the MSIX package, and selecting Open package.