MSIX Packaging Tool Release Notes

Version 1.2019.618.0

  • Automatically sets MinVersion to 1709 when Store versioning requirements are turned off in Settings
  • New folders can be added under Assets in Package editor

Version 1.2019.611.0

  • Restore default settings and exclusion items now also clears signing certificate password and exit codes
  • Fixed an issue where first launch tasks weren't getting properly deleted
  • Will ignore shortcuts to excluded files during package creation

Version 1.2019.604.0

  • Defaults to signing a package if a default signing certificate is specified in the settings
  • Allow negative installer codes to be specified in the settings
  • Honor PowerShell installer exit codes
  • Informs the user when they need a restart for the driver

Version 1.2019.522.0

New Features:

  • Support for desktop installers that require restart - learn more
    • Auto-login option for restart
  • New options in app settings
    • Specify a default cert to sign packages with
    • Specify exit codes for installers that require restart

Known Issues:

  • Negative reboot exit codes are currently not supported
  • If Default cert is specified, each conversion workflow will need to select 'use cert'
  • During remote or VM restarts, there might be an extra login prompt
  • Restore defaults button doesn't remove certificate password or installer exit codes

Version 1.2019.402.0 - Public Release

  • Ability to convert on a remote machine - more info
  • Validate COM ProgId type values, COM class entries and remove invalid COM registrations
  • Update Windows SDK tools that are redistributed in MSIX Packaging Tool
  • Automatically split arguments into a separate fields for manifested com executables
  • Robust handling of PowerShell installer arguments
  • Made disabling Windows Update service a required step in the machine prep phase
  • Added the ability to time stamp your signed package in all of the workflows where signing is currently available
    • You can specify your default time stamp URL and type of time stamp server in the tool Settings page
  • Empty folders created in the VFS of the Package Editor will persist after saving the package
  • User can specify valid expected exit codes for CLI conversions
  • Empty folders generated during a conversion will persist through packaging
  • Updated AppID generation logic, and added additional validation for package name and app
  • Improved management experience in package editor
  • Auto versioning recommendations when saving in package editor
  • Added the ability to use “.” to progress the version field
  • Fixed validation for installation location
  • Fixed manifest translation issues for file type association handlers and com server entries
  • Added the ability to get the status of your command line conversions
  • Improved COM warning logging with human readable errors