MSIX Packaging Tool Release Notes

Version 1.2019.808.0

  • Settings improvements
    • Separated out the tool defaults from other settings
    • Added the ability to import and export settings
  • Signing improvements
    • You can now choose a default signing option for workflows
  • Updated the steps during packaging to improve the experience

Version 1.2019.701.0 - Public Release

  • Support for desktop installers that require restart - learn more
    • Auto-login option for restart
  • New options in app settings
    • Specify a default cert to sign packages with
    • Specify exit codes for installers that require restart
    • Exit code for restarts list in Settings includes common default values
  • Ability to add new, unknown, and custom capabilities through the package editor
  • Automatically sets MinVersion to 1709 when Store versioning requirements are turned off in Settings
  • New folders can be added under Assets in Package editor
  • Restore default settings and exclusion items now also clears signing certificate password and exit codes
  • Fixed an issue where first launch tasks weren't getting properly deleted
  • Will ignore shortcuts to excluded files during package creation
  • Defaults to signing a package if a default signing certificate is specified in the settings
  • Honor PowerShell installer exit codes
  • Informs the user when they need a restart for the driver