Release notes for the MSIX Packaging Tool

Version 1.2020.709.0 - Public Release

  • Ability to add multiple files to the package editor
  • Ability to import multiple .reg files to the package editor
  • Improved support for converting any installer type
  • Ability to add items from the package editor to the exclusion list
  • Use ctrl to multi-select options in package editor
  • Added a prompt when overwriting files when moving or adding Fixed bugs:
  • Disable selecting local vm machine when Hyper-V is not present
  • When enforce store requirements checkbox is selected, prevent creation of icons not accepted by store
  • Fixed an issue with App-V registry values during conversion
  • Added a longer timeout session for remote command line conversions
  • Improved MSIX Core OS selections to reduce conflicts and confusion

Version 1.2020.402.0 - Public Release

  • Package Integrity setting is on by default
  • Ability to automatically add MSIX Core support to an MSIX
  • Ability to import or export registry files (.reg) in Package Editor
  • Create package page now shows the default save location
  • Add InstalledLocationVirtualization extension
  • Improved quality of icons extracted
  • Improved icon extraction from shortcuts Fixed bugs:
  • Validate manifest format after editing
  • Make message when First Launch Task fails clearer
  • Forbid relative paths for Unpack
  • Updated file filters so they show what formats are valid (e.g., for installers it used to say .¬†and now *.msi, *.exe, ...)
  • Fixed when Unpack would convert spaces in paths into "%20"
  • general bug fixes