Always on Top utility

A system-wide utility for Windows that allows you to pin windows to the top of all your windows.


Toggle windows to be on top

With the activation / deactivation shortcut (default: ⊞ Win+Ctrl+T), the window will be toggled on top.

PowerToys settings

From the settings menu, the following options can be configured:

Setting Description
Activation shortcut The customizable keyboard command to turn on or off always on top for that window
Do not activate when Game Mode is on Prevents the feature from being activated when actively playing a game on the system
Color The color of the highlight border
Border thickness (px) The thickness of the highlight border - Measured in pixels
Play a sound A small alert chirp is played to make you aware. Activating and deactivating are different so you can tell.
Excluded apps Add the application's name, or part of the name, one per line (e.g. adding Notepad will match both Notepad.exe and Notepad++.exe; to match only Notepad.exe add the .exe extension)