Windows Hello for Business Videos

Applies to

  • Windows 10

Overview of Windows Hello for Business and Features

Watch Pieter Wigleven explain Windows Hello for Business, Multi-factor Unlock, and Dynamic Lock

Microsoft's passwordless strategy

Watch Karanbir Singh's Ignite 2017 presentation Microsoft's guide for going password-less

Windows Hello for Business user enrollment experience

The user experience for Windows Hello for Business occurs after user sign-in, after you deploy Windows Hello for Business policy settings to your environment.

Windows Hello for Business forgotten PIN user experience

If the user can sign-in with a password, they can reset their PIN by clicking the "I forgot my PIN" link in settings. Beginning with the Fall Creators Update, users can reset their PIN above the lock screen by clicking the "I forgot my PIN" link on the PIN credential provider.

For on-premises deployments, devices must be well connected to their on-premises network (domain controllers and/or certificate authority) to reset their PINs. Hybrid customers can on-board their Azure tenant to use the Windows Hello for Business PIN reset service to reset their PINs without access to their corporate network.