What is a Microsoft-compatible security key?


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Microsoft has been aligned with the FIDO Alliance with a mission to replace passwords with an easy to use, strong 2FA credential. We have been working with our partners to extensively test and deliver a seamless and secure authentication experience to end users. See FIDO2 security keys features and providers.

The FIDO2 CTAP specification contains a few optional features and extensions which are crucial to provide that seamless and secure experience.

A security key MUST implement the following features and extensions from the FIDO2 CTAP protocol to be Microsoft-compatible:

Feature / Extension trust
Why is this required?
1 Resident key This feature enables the security key to be portable, where your credential is stored on the security key
2 Client pin This feature enables you to protect your credentials with a second factor and applies to security keys that do not have an user interface
3 hmac-secret This extension ensures you can sign-in to your device when it's off-line or in airplane mode
4 Multiple accounts per RP This feature ensures you can use the same security key across multiple services like Microsoft Account (MSA) and Azure Active Directory (AAD)