Overview of management and APIs

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Microsoft Defender ATP supports a wide variety of options to ensure that customers can easily adopt the platform.

Acknowledging that customer environments and structures can vary, Microsoft Defender ATP was created with flexibility and granular control to fit varying customer requirements.

Machine onboarding is fully integrated into System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune for client machines and Azure Security Center for server machines, providing complete end-to-end experience of configuration, deployment, and monitoring. In addition, Microsoft Defender ATP supports Group Policy and other third-party tools used for machines management.

Microsoft Defender ATP provides fine-grained control over what users with access to the portal can see and do through the flexibility of role-based access control (RBAC). The RBAC model supports all flavors of security teams structure:

  • Globally distributed organizations and security teams
  • Tiered model security operations teams
  • Fully segregated devisions with single centralized global security operations teams

The Microsoft Defender ATP solution is built on top of an integration-ready platform:

  • It supports integration with a number of security information and event management (SIEM) solutions and also exposes APIs to fully support pulling all the alerts and detection information into any SIEM solution.
  • It supports a rich set of application programming interface (APIs) providing flexibility for those who are already heavily invested in data enrichment and automation:
    • Enriching events coming from other security systems with foot print or prevalence information
    • Triggering file or machine level response actions through APIs
    • Keeping systems in-sync such as importing machine tags from asset management systems into Microsoft Defender ATP, synchronize alerts and incidents status cross ticketing systems with Microsoft Defender ATP.

An important aspect of machine management is the ability to analyze the environment from varying and broad perspectives. This often helps drive new insights and proper priority identification:

  • The Secure score dashboard provides metrics based method of prioritizing the most important proactive security measures.
  • Microsoft Defender ATP includes a built-in PowerBI based reporting solution to quickly review trends and details related to Microsoft Defender ATP alerts and secure score of machines. The platform also supports full customization of the reports, including mashing of Microsoft Defender ATP data with your own data stream to produce business specific reports.

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