Create custom reports using Power BI (user authentication)

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Run advanced queries and show results in Microsoft Power BI. Please read about Advanced Hunting API before.

In this section we share Power BI query sample to run a query using user token.

If you want to use application token instead please refer to this tutorial.

Before you begin

You first need to create an app.

Run a query

  • Open Microsoft Power BI

  • Click Get Data > Blank Query

    Image of create blank query

  • Click Advanced Editor

    Image of open advanced editor

  • Copy the below and paste it in the editor, after you update the values of Query

        Query = "MachineInfo | where EventTime > ago(7d) | summarize EventCount=count(), LastSeen=max(EventTime) by MachineId",
        FormattedQuery= Uri.EscapeDataString(Query),
        AdvancedHuntingUrl = "" & FormattedQuery,
        Response = Json.Document(Web.Contents(AdvancedHuntingUrl)),
        TypeMap = #table(
            { "Type", "PowerBiType" },
                { "Double",   Double.Type },
                { "Int64",    Int64.Type },
                { "Int32",    Int32.Type },
                { "Int16",    Int16.Type },
                { "UInt64",   Number.Type },
                { "UInt32",   Number.Type },
                { "UInt16",   Number.Type },
                { "Byte",     Byte.Type },
                { "Single",   Single.Type },
                { "Decimal",  Decimal.Type },
                { "TimeSpan", Duration.Type },
                { "DateTime", DateTimeZone.Type },
                { "String",   Text.Type },
                { "Boolean",  Logical.Type },
                { "SByte",    Logical.Type },
                { "Guid",     Text.Type }
        Schema = Table.FromRecords(Response[Schema]),
        TypedSchema = Table.Join(Table.SelectColumns(Schema, {"Name", "Type"}), {"Type"}, TypeMap , {"Type"}),
        Results = Response[Results],
        Rows = Table.FromRecords(Results, Schema[Name]),
        Table = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Rows, Table.ToList(TypedSchema, (c) => {c{0}, c{2}}))
    in Table
  • Click Done

    Image of create advanced query

  • Click Edit Credentials

    Image of edit credentials

  • Select Organizational account > Sign in

    Image of set credentials

  • Enter your credentials and wait to be signed in

  • Click Connect

    Image of set credentials

  • View the results of your query

    Image of query results