Protect your organization against web threats

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Web threat protection is part of Web protection in Defender for Endpoint. It uses network protection to secure your devices against web threats. By integrating with Microsoft Edge and popular third-party browsers like Chrome and Firefox, web threat protection stops web threats without a web proxy and can protect devices while they are away or on premises. Web threat protection stops access to phishing sites, malware vectors, exploit sites, untrusted or low-reputation sites, as well as sites that you have blocked in your custom indicator list.


It can take up to an hour for devices to receive new customer indicators.


Web protection uses network protection to provide web browsing security on Microsoft Edge and third-party web browsers.

To turn on network protection on your devices:


If you set network protection to Audit only, blocking will be unavailable. Also, you will be able to detect and log attempts to access malicious and unwanted websites on Microsoft Edge only.