Report on Windows Defender Antivirus

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There are a number of ways you can review protection status and alerts, depending on the management tool you are using for Windows Defender Antivirus.

You can use System Center Configuration Manager to monitor Windows Defender Antivirus or create email alerts, or you can also monitor protection using Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft Operations Management Suite has an Update Compliance add-in that reports on key Windows Defender Antivirus issues, including protection updates and real-time protection settings.

If you have a third-party security information and event management (SIEM) tool, you can also consume Windows Defender client events.

Windows events comprise several security event sources, including Security Account Manager (SAM) events (enhanced for Windows 10, also see the Security audting topic) and Windows Defender events.

These events can be centrally aggregated using the Windows event collector. It is common practice for SIEMs to have connectors for Windows events. This technique allows for correlation of all security events from the machine in the SIEM.

You can also monitor malware events using the Malware Assessment solution in Log Analytics.

For monitoring or determining status with PowerShell, WMI, or Microsoft Azure, see the (Deployment, management, and reporting options table).