Evaluate Windows Defender Exploit Guard

Applies to:

  • Windows 10, version 1709 and later
  • Windows Server 2016

Windows Defender Exploit Guard is a collection of tools and features that help you keep your network safe from exploits. Exploits are infection vectors for malware that rely on vulnerabilities in software.

Windows Defender Exploit Guard is comprised of four features. We've developed evaluation guides for each of the features so you can easily and quickly see how they work and determine if they are suitable for your organization.


You can also visit the Windows Defender Testground website at demo.wd.microsoft.com to confirm the features are working and see how they work.

Before you begin, you should read the main Windows Defender Exploit Guard topic to get an understanding of each of the features and what their prerequisites are.

You might also be interested in enabling the features in audit mode - which allows you to see how the features work in the real world without impacting your organization or employee's work habits:

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