Common Criteria Certifications

Microsoft is committed to optimizing the security of its products and services. As part of that commitment, Microsoft supports the Common Criteria certification program, continues to ensure that products incorporate the features and functions required by relevant Common Criteria protection profiles, and completes Common Criteria certifications of Microsoft Windows products.

Common Criteria Security Targets

Information for Systems Integrators and Accreditors

The Security Target describes security functionality and assurance measures used to evaluate Windows.

Common Criteria Deployment and Administration

Information for IT Administrators

These documents describe how to configure Windows to replicate the configuration used during the Common Criteria evaluation.

Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1

Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Server 2012

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2003 SP2 including R2, x64, and Itanium

Windows Server 2003 SP1(x86), x64, and IA64

Windows Server 2003 SP1

Windows XP Professional SP2 (x86) and x64 Edition

Windows XP Professional SP2, and XP Embedded SP2

Windows Server 2003 Certificate Server

Common Criteria Evaluation Technical Reports and Certification / Validation Reports

Information for Systems Integrators and Accreditors

An Evaluation Technical Report (ETR) is a report submitted to the Common Criteria certification authority for how Windows complies with the claims made in the Security Target. A Certification / Validation Report provides the results of the evaluation by the validation team.