Windows Defender ATP preview features

Applies to:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Education
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Pro Education
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Windows Defender ATP)

The Windows Defender ATP service is constantly being updated to include new feature enhancements and capabilities.

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Learn about new features in the Windows Defender ATP preview release and be among the first to try upcoming features by turning on the preview experience.

You'll have access to upcoming features which you can provide feedback on to help improve the overall experience before features are generally available.

Turn on the preview experience setting to be among the first to try upcoming features.

  1. In the navigation pane, select Preferences setup > Preview experience.

    Image of Preferences setup and preview experience

  2. Toggle the setting between On and Off and select Save preferences.

Preview features

The following features are included in the preview release:

  • Configure server endpoints
    Windows Defender ATP supports the onboarding of the following servers:

    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Windows Server 2016
  • Create and build Power BI reports using Windows Defender ATP data
    Windows Defender ATP supports the use of Power BI data connectors to enable you to connect and access Windows Defender ATP data using Microsoft Graph.

  • Use the Windows Defender ATP exposed APIs
    Windows Defender ATP exposes much of the available data and actions using a set of programmatic APIs that are part of the Microsoft Intelligence Security Graph. Those APIs will enable you, to automate workflows and innovate based on Windows Defender ATP capabilities.

  • Configure non-Windows endpoints
    Windows Defender ATP provides a centralized security operations experience for Windows as well as non-Windows platforms. You'll be able to see alerts from various supported operating systems (OS) in the Windows Defender ATP portal and better protect your organization's network. This experience leverages on a third-party security products' sensor data.

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