Design basics for UWP apps

  • Introduction to UWP app design

    An introduction to the UI features included in every UWP app and an overview of our documentation.

  • Fluent Design System overview

    The Fluent Design System is a set of innovative UWP features combined with best practices for creating apps that perform beautifully on all types of Windows-powered devices.

App structure

  • Navigation basics

    Navigation in UWP apps is based on a flexible model of navigation structures, navigation elements, and system-level features. This article introduces you to these components and shows you how to use them together to create a good navigation experience.

  • Command basics

    Command elements are the interactive UI elements that enable the user to perform actions, such as sending an email, deleting an item, or submitting a form. This article describes the command elements, such as buttons and check boxes, the interactions they support, and the command surfaces (such as command bars and context menus) for hosting them.

  • Content basics

    The main purpose of any app is to provide access to content: in a photo-editing app, the photo is the content; in a travel app, maps and info about travel destinations is the content; and so on. This article provides content design recommendations for the three content scenarios: consumption, creation, and interaction.

Photo lab tutorials

Learn how to create a basic photo-editing application in XAML and C#.