Game programming

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) offers new opportunities to create, distribute, and monetize games. Learn about creating a game for Windows 10.

Topic Description
Windows 10 game development guide An end-to-end guide with resources and information for developing UWP games.
Planning This topic contains a list of articles for the game planning stage.
UWP programming Learn how to use Windows Runtime APIs to develop UWP games.
Game development videos A collection of game dev videos from major conferences and events.

To learn about developing UWP games using DirectX, go to DirectX programming.

To make the best use of the game development overviews and tutorials, you should be familiar with the following subjects:

  • Microsoft C++ with Component Extensions (C++/CX). This is an update to Microsoft C++ that incorporates automatic reference counting, and is the language for developing UWP games with DirectX 11.1 or later versions
  • Basic graphics programming terminology
  • Basic Windows programming concepts
  • Basic familiarity with the Direct3D 9 or 11 APIs