Create apps for Windows 10

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Welcome to the UWP (what's UWP again?) platform! Whether you're looking to get started with your first UWP app or are looking to use more advanced features, these tutorials will put you on the right track. You'll learn how to:

  • Create UWP projects in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Add UI elements and code to your project.
  • Use XAML, data binding, and other fundamental UWP elements.
  • Incorporate unique UWP features such as Ink and Dial into your app.
  • Use third party libraries to add new functionality.
  • Build and debug your app on your local machine.

Ask a bot!

If you're stuck or need some help finding the right docs, try asking the experimental chat bot below. For example, ask 'Where can I download Visual Studio?' or 'Tell me about Fluent Design". If you don't get a useful answer, try rewording your query slightly.

Write your first UWP app in your favorite programming language

If you're a new developer or if you're familiar with the Windows platform and want to get started with UWP, check out these basic tutorials:

Are you an IOS developer?

  • Use the Windows Bridge for iOS to convert your existing code to a UWP app, and keep developing in Objective-C.

If you're still learning or need to refresh your memory, try reading these external resources:

Customize your app's layout and appearance with XAML

Most UWP apps use the XAML markup language to create their UI. Learn how you can use its core features to customize your app's visual presentation, and explore this guidance for creating a unique look for your app.

Use features unique to Windows 10

What makes Windows 10 special? Learn to use just some of its unique features.

Explore how-to articles and detailed documentation for Windows 10 development:

Develop JavaScript and web apps

UWP is an extremely flexible platform that supports a wide variety of languages and frameworks. Build UWP apps with JavaScript, and use your skills to build hosted web apps which can be featured in the Microsoft Store.

Interested in more information on building web apps?

Cross-platform and mobile development

  • Need to target Android and iOS? Check out Xamarin.

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