Streaming resources

Streaming resources are large logical resources that use small amounts of physical memory. Instead of passing an entire large resource, small parts of the resource are streamed as needed. Streaming resources were previously called tiled resources.

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The need for streaming resources

Streaming resources are needed so GPU memory isn't wasted storing regions of surfaces that won't be accessed, and to tell the hardware how to filter across adjacent tiles.

Creating streaming resources

Streaming resources are created by specifying a flag when you create a resource, indicating that the resource is a streaming resource.

Pipeline access to streaming resources

Streaming resources can be used in shader resource views (SRV), render target views (RTV), depth stencil views (DSV) and unordered access views (UAV), as well as some bind points where views aren't used, such as vertex buffer bindings.

Streaming resources features tiers

Direct3D supports streaming resources in three tiers of capabilities.


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