Windows ML (Preview) samples


Windows ML is a preview feature which may be substantially modified before it’s officially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here.

The following sample UWP apps demonstrate how to use Windows ML and are available to download from the Windows-Machine-Learning repo on GitHub.

MNIST Multilayer Perceptron

This sample uses the CNTK MNIST model to interpret a numeric digit drawn by the user. You can walk through the sample with a step-by-step tutorial in Get Started.

SqueezeNet Image Classifier

This sample detects the predominant object in an image.

Windows Machine Learning Explorer

This sample is a data driven and generic application that bootstraps ML models that can detect defects in circuit boards from pictures or a real-time camera feed. You can learn more in the blog post How three lines of code and Windows Machine Learning empower .NET developers to run AI locally on Windows 10 devices.