Get started with the Microsoft Advertising SDK

This topic provides the information you need to get started using the Microsoft Advertising SDK to add ads to your apps. After you have read the topics in this section, move on to the developer walkthroughs to see examples about how to write the code that will show ads in your apps.

For complete sample projects that demonstrate how to add banner and interstitial ads to JavaScript/HTML apps and XAML apps using C# and C++, see the advertising samples on GitHub.

In this section

Topic Description
Install the Microsoft Advertising SDK Provides installation details for the Microsoft Advertising SDK.
Update your app to the latest Microsoft advertising libraries If you have an existing app that displays banner ads using AdControl or AdMediatorControl, follow the instructions in this article to determine whether you need to update your app to use the latest SDK in order for your app to continue to receive banner ads.
Release notes Provides release notes for the current release of the Microsoft Advertising SDK.
Known issues Lists the known issues with the current release of the Microsoft Advertising SDK.