Monetization, engagement, and Store services

The Windows SDK, Microsoft Advertising SDK, Microsoft Store Services SDK, and the Microsoft Store provide features that enable you to make more money from your apps and gain customers by engaging with your users. The topics in this section show you how to build these features into your app.

For details about the fees charged by the Microsoft Store and how you get paid for the money your app makes, see Getting paid.

In this section

Topic Description
In-app purchases and trials Learn how to use APIs in the Windows SDK to add in-app product purchases and trial functionality to your apps.
Display ads in your app with the Microsoft Advertising SDK Increase your revenue by displaying banner ads or interstitial ads in your app. This feature requires the Microsoft Advertising SDK.
Engage customers with the Microsoft Store Services SDK The Microsoft Store Services SDK provides libraries and tools that you can use to add features to your apps that help you engage with your customers. These features include targeted notifications, A/B tests, and launching Feedback Hub from your app.
Run experiments with A/B testing Run A/B tests in your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps to measure the effectiveness of features on some customers before you release the features to everyone. This feature requires the Microsoft Store Services SDK.
Launch Feedback Hub from your app Add code to your UWP apps to direct your Windows 10 customers to Feedback Hub, where they can submit problems, suggestions, and upvotes. Then, manage this feedback in the Feedback report in Partner Center. This feature requires the Microsoft Store Services SDK.
Configure your app to receive Partner Center push notifications Register a notification channel for your UWP app so it can receive Partner Center push notifications, and track the rate of app launches that resulted from the push notifications. This feature requires the Microsoft Store Services SDK.
Log custom events for Partner Center Log custom events from your UWP app and review the events in the Usage report in Partner Center. This feature requires the Microsoft Store Services SDK.
Request ratings and reviews Encourage your customers to rate or review your app by programmatically showing a rating and review UI.
Microsoft Store services Learn how to use RESTful APIs to automate submissions to the Store, access analytics data for your apps, and automate other tasks related to the Store.
Add retail demo (RDX) features to your app Include a retail demo mode in your Windows app so customers who try out PCs and devices on the sales floor can jump right in.