Create your Hosted Web App using a Mac

Quickly create a Universal Windows Platform app for Windows 10 starting with just a website URL.


The following instructions are for use with a Mac development platform. Windows users, visit instructions on using a Windows development platform.

What you need to develop on Mac

  • A web browser.
  • A command prompt.

Option 1: ManifoldJS

ManifoldJS is a Node.js app that easily installs from NPM. It takes the meta-data about your web site and generates native hosted apps across Android, iOS, and Windows. If your site does not have a web app manifest, one will be automatically generated for you.

  1. Install NodeJS which includes NPM (Node Package Manager).

  2. Open a command prompt and NPM install ManifoldJS:

npm install -g manifoldjs
  1. Run the manifoldjs command on your web site URL:
  1. Follow the steps in the video below to complete the packaging and publish your Hosted Web App to the Microsoft Store.

Publishing a UWP Web App on a Mac using ManifoldJS

Option 2: App Studio

App Studio is a free, online app creation tool that allows you to quickly build Windows 10 apps.

  1. Open App Studio in your web browser.

  2. Click Start now!.

  3. Under Web app templates, click Hosted Web App.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to generate a package ready for publishing to the Microsoft Store.