Create add-on Store listings

When submitting an add-on in Partner Center, the info you provide in the Store listings step will be displayed to your customers when they see the option to acquire your add-on. Make sure to consider the Store listing info carefully in order to represent your add-on accurately in a way that makes it appealing to customers. You can provide customized Store listings for different languages.


You can also import and export Store listings for your add-on if you'd like to enter your listing info offline in a .csv file, rather than providing this info directly in Partner Center. This may be especially convenient when creating listings in many languages. However, you can always enter your info directly in Partner Center rather than using the import/export feature.

Store listing languages

Before you can enter Store listing info, you need to specify one or more languages. You must complete the Store listing page for at least one language. We recommend creating Store listings for every language your app supports.

Under the Store listing section of your add-on's submission, click Add/remove languages, then click Manage languages on the next page. Check the boxes for the languages that you’d like to add, then click Update. The languages that you’ve selected will be displayed in the Store listing languages section of the page.

To remove a language, click Remove (or click Manage languages and uncheck the box for languages you’d like to remove).

When you have finished making your selections, click Save to return to the submission overview page.

To edit a Store listing, click the language name from the add-on submission overview page. The info you can enter for each language is described below.


You must provide a title here, which is the name your customers will see for this add-on. Your title can be up to 100 characters.


If you'd like to display more info than just a title, you can enter up to 200 characters here. This field is optional.


You also have the option to provide an image that may be displayed to the customer. This icon must be a .png file that measures exactly 300 x 300 pixels.