Create app Store listings

The Store listings section of the app submission process is where you provide the text and images that customers will see when viewing your app's listing in the Microsoft Store.

Many of the fields in a Store listing are optional, but we suggest providing multiple images and as much info as possible to make your listing stand out. The minimum required for the Store listings step to be considered complete is a text description and at least one screenshot.


You can optionally import and export Store listings if you'd prefer to enter your listing info offline in a .csv file, rather than providing info and uploading files directly in Partner Center. Using the import and export option can be especially convenient if you have listings in many languages, since it lets you make multiple updates at once.

If your previously-published app supports Windows 8.x and/or Windows Phone 8.x or earlier, you can create platform-specific Store listings to show to those customers.

Store listing languages

You must complete the Store listing page for at least one language. We recommend providing a Store listing in each language that your packages support, but you have flexibility to remove languages for which you don’t wish to provide a Store listing. You can also create Store listings in additional languages which aren’t supported by your packages.


If your submission includes packages already, we’ll show the languages supported in your packages on the submission overview page (unless you remove any of them).

To add or remove languages for your Store listings, click Add/remove languages from the submission overview page. If you‘ve already uploaded packages, you’ll see their languages listed in the Languages supported by your packages section. To remove one or more of these languages, click Remove. If you later decide to include a language that you previously removed from this section, you can click Add.

In the Additional Store listing languages section, you can click Manage additional languages to add or remove languages that are not included in your packages. Check the boxes for the languages that you’d like to add, then click Update. The languages you’ve selected will be displayed in the Additional Store listing languages section. To remove one or more of these languages, click Remove (or click Manage additional languages and uncheck the box for languages you’d like to remove).

When you have finished making your selections, click Save to return to the submission overview page.

Add and edit Store listing info

To edit a Store listing, select the language name from the submission overview page. You must edit each language separately, unless you choose to export your Store listings and work offline, then import all of the listing data at once. For more about how that works, see Import and export Store listings.

The available fields are described below.

Product name

This drop-down box lets you specify which name should be used in the Store listing (if you have reserved more than one name for the app).

If you have uploaded packages in the same language as the Store listing you're working on, the name used in those packages will be selected. If you need to rename the app after it's already been published, you can select a different reserved name here when you create a new submission, after you've uploaded packages that use the new name.

If you haven't uploaded packages for the language you're working on, and you've reserved more than one name, you'll need to select one of your reserved app names, since there isn't an associated package in that language from which to pull the name.


The Product name you select only applies to the Store listing in the language you're working in. It does not impact the name displayed when a customer installs the app; that name comes from the manifest of the package that gets installed. To avoid confusion, we recommend that each language's package(s) and Store listing use the same name.


The description field is where you can tell customers what your app does. This field is required, and will accept up to 10,000 characters of plain text.

For some tips on making your description stand out, see Write a great app description.

What's new in this version

If this is the first time you're submitting your app, leave this field blank. For an update to an existing app, this is where you can let customers know what's changed in the latest release. This field has a 1500 character limit. (Previously, this field was called Release notes).

Product features

These are short summaries of your app's key features. They are displayed to the customer as a bulleted list in the Features section of your app's Store listing, in addition to the Description. Keep these brief, with just a few words (and no more than 200 characters) per feature. You may include up to 20 features.


These features will appear bulleted in your Store listing, so don't add your own bullets.


One screenshot is required in order to submit your app. We recommend providing at least four screenshots for each device type that your app supports so that people can see how the app will look on their device type.

For more info, see App screenshots and images.

Store logos

Store logos are optional images that you can upload to enhance the way your app is displayed to customers. You can also optionally specify that only images you upload here should be used in your app’s Store listing for customers on Windows 10 or Windows 11 (including Xbox), rather than allowing the Store to use logo images from your app’s packages.


If your app supports Xbox, or if it supports Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier, you must provide certain images here in order for the listing to appear properly in the Store.

For more info, see Store logos.

Trailers and additional assets

You can submit additional assets for your product, including video trailers and promotional images. These are all optional, but we recommend that you consider uploading as many of them as possible. These images can help give customers a better idea of what your product is and make a more enticing listing.

For more info, see Trailers and additional assets.

Supplemental fields

The fields in this section are all optional. Review the info below to determine if providing this info makes sense for your submission. In particular, the Short description is recommended for most submissions. The other fields may help provide an optimal experience for your product in different scenarios.

Short title

A shorter version of your product’s name. If provided, this shorter name may appear in various places on Xbox One (during installation, in Achievements, etc.) in place of the full title of your product.

This field has a 50 character limit.

Sort title

If your product could be alphabetized or spelled in different ways, you can enter another version here. This allows customers to find your product more quickly if they type that version in while searching.

This field has a 255 character limit.

Voice title

An alternate name for your product that, if provided, may be used in the audio experience on Xbox One when using Kinect or a headset.

This field has a 255 character limit.

Short description

A shorter, catchy description that may be used in the top of your product’s Store listing. If not provided, the first paragraph (up to 500 characters) of your longer description will be used instead. Because your description also appears below this text, we recommend providing a short description with different text so that your Store listing isn’t repetitive.

For games, the short description may also appear in the Information section of the Game Hub on Xbox One.

For best results, keep your short description under 270 characters. The field has a 1000 character limit, but in some views, only the first 270 characters will be shown (with a link available to view the rest of the short description).

Additional system requirements

If needed, you can describe the hardware configurations that your app requires to work properly (beyond the info you provided in the System requirements section in App properties. This is especially important if your app requires hardware that might not be available on every computer. For instance, if your app will only work properly with external USB hardware such as a 3D printer or microcontroller, we suggest entering those here. The info you enter will be shown to customers viewing your app's Store listing on Windows 10, version 1607 or later (including Xbox), along with the requirements you indicated on the product's properties page.

You can enter up to 11 items for both Minimum hardware and Recommended hardware. These are displayed to the customer as a bulleted list in your Store listing. Keep these brief, with just a few words (and no more than 200 characters) per item.


Your additional system requirements will appear bulleted in your Store listing, so don't add your own bullets.

Additional information

The items described below help customers discover and understand your product. (This section was formerly called Shared fields).

Search terms

Search terms (formerly called keywords) are single words or short phrases that are not displayed to customers, but can help your make your app discoverable in the Store when customers search using those terms. You can include up to 7 search terms with a maximum of 30 characters each, and can use no more than 21 separate words across all search terms.

When adding search terms, think about the words that customers might use when searching for apps like yours, especially if they're not part of your app's name. Be sure not to use any search terms that are not actually relevant to your app.

If you'd like to provide additional copyright and/or trademark info, enter it here. This field has a 200 character limit.

Additional license terms

Leave this field blank if you want your app to be licensed to customers under the terms of the Standard Application License Terms (which are linked to from the App Developer Agreement).

If your license terms are different from the Standard Application License Terms, enter them here.

If you enter a single URL into this field, it will be displayed to customers as a link that they can click to read your additional license terms. This is useful if your additional license terms are very long, or if you want to include clickable links or formatting in your additional license terms.

You can also enter up to 10,000 characters of text in this field. If you do that, customers will see these additional license terms displayed as plain text.

Developed by

Enter text here if you want to include a Developed by field in your app's Store listing. (The Published by field will list the publisher display name associated with your account, whether or not you provide a value for the Developed by field.)

This field has a 255 character limit.


The Privacy policy, Website, and Support contact info fields are now located on the Properties page.