What's New in the Windows Developer Docs in February 2018

The Windows Developer Documentation is constantly being updated with information on new features available to developers across the Windows platform. The following feature overviews, developer guidance, and videos have been made available in the month of January, containing new and updated information for Windows developers.

Install the tools and SDK on Windows 10 and you’re ready to either create a new Universal Windows app or explore how you can use your existing app code on Windows.


Adaptive and interactive toast notifications

Enhance your app with adaptive and interactive notifications. Get started with our updated guidance on toast notifications, and explore the new information on image size restrictions, progress bars, and adding input options.

Customize your toast notifications further with Custom timestamps, Custom audio, or Progress bars

Extend notifications across your user's devices with Notification mirroring and Universal dismiss.

Group and organize your notifications with Toast headers and Pending update activation.

Pending update activation in action

Page layouts with XAML

We've updated our XAML page layout docs with new information on fluid layouts and visual states. These new features allow for greater control over how the position of elements in your app respond and adapt to the available visual space.

Margins and padding for XAML page layouts

Subscription add-ons are now available to all developers

Create and publish subscription add-ons to sell digital products in your apps and games (such as app features or digital content) with automated recurring billing periods. For more details, see Enable subscription add-ons for your app.

Developer Guidance

Design basics

Our introduction to UWP app design has been enhanced with a slew of new visual examples. The overview of the universal design features in every UWP now highlights how you can put the capabilities of the Fluent Design System into action.

We've added a showcase of common page patterns to our Content design basics, providing a gallery of examples of how your app can display diferent types of content.

An illustration of the hub page pattern

Writing style

We've upgraded and expanded our article on voice and tone, transforming it into Writing style guidance. This new information provides principles for creating effective text in your app, and recommends best practices for writing for controls such as error messages or dialogs.

Getting started for game development

Interested in developing games for Windows 10? The new Getting started for game development page gives you a full overview of what you need to do to get yourself set up, registered, and ready to submit your apps and games.


Xbox Live Creators Program

The Xbox Live Creators Program allows developers to quickly publish their UWP games to Xbox One and Windows 10.Watch the video to learn about the program, then check out this page to get started.

Creating 3D app launchers for Windows Mixed Reality

3D launchers provide a unique way for users to place a truly volumetric representation of your app in their Mixed Reality home environment. Watch the video to learn how to prepare your 3D model and assign it as the launcher for your app, then read the developer docs and check out our design guidance for more information.

Motion controller tracking

Motion controllers represent a user's hands in Windows Mixed Reality. Watch the video to learn how the motion controllers work when they are both in and out of the field of view of the Mixed Reality headset, and read more about controller tracking here.